For 2020, we will hold classes every Sunday starting 6/21.

There is no tuition fee.

All classes meet virtually.

Brookings Math Circle is free and will always be.

Sundays 1-3 or 2-4

Once a week for 2 hours, starting 6/21.

  • Schedule: 6/7/8th graders will attend from 1-3, and 9th graders will attend from 2-4.
    • From 1-2 we will teach a contest math class for middle schoolers. We will introduce contest math for 6th graders and teach more advanced topics to 7th and 8th graders.
    • From 2-3 we will present a new topic or fun activity unrelated to contests. Sample topics include voting theory, brain teasers, and cryptography.
    • From 3-4 we will teach a contest math class for 9th graders with a focus on pre-olympiad topics.
  • Our contest math classes consist of interactive lectures and problem solving both individually and in groups. We hope our students will try challenging problems, explore fun and unique math, and build teamwork and friendships.
  • All you need is a pencil and scratch paper. We will provide all other necessary materials, including handouts, practice tests, and (optional) homework problems.
  • Stay tuned for technology details! We will definitely use video calling and online whiteboards to make our classes as interactive as possible.